HousingShriram Ozone Housing Ranchi, Jharkhand

High-rise residential developments have recently started appearing on the Ranchi skyline. A new capital city, Ranchi is developing fast and coming to terms with a changing pattern of living in the luxury residential segment – from the individual plotted type to the apartment. Accompanied by a scenario in which the family structure is still extended, it surely requires a deeper thinking for the kind of apartments to be made. This housing development proposes a mix between the plotted type and the high-rise apartment block.  The high-rise block which is a requirement due to the increased allowable FAR’s is punctuated with gardens in the sky – a feature borrowed from the plotted house. The large apartments are sub-divisible into smaller familial units, which allow the functioning of an extended family in the apartment. The result is a highly articulated high-rise building which retains the relationship with the ground and is well suited to the family patterns of a traditional Indian city. Apartment planning is done to maximize views to the nearby Kanke Dam and uses  a grid system to craft bays where each bay size is planned to accommodate living and service spaces, leading to a flexibility of adaptation as per the owner’s requirements.


Project Summary


Shriram Ozone

Design Team

Sourav Banerjea, Tapas Mandal


325000 SqFt


In Progress