ResidentialHilife Kalimpong Housing Kalimpong, West Bengal

The design of this apartment complex explores the possibility of a low-rise, high density residential community in a mountainous terrain. The site is planned in a manner that minimizes intervention in the natural land profile. An existing shed cuts off the site frontage partially; this location is utilised for parking as well as for the location of the larger built component. The buildings are placed along the contours to minimize cut and fill. Two and Three Bedroom units are created with 3 main zones- the entrance, the serviceable zones and the habitable zones. Views into the valley are a priority and hence, all habitable zones are designed facing south with views towards the valley. Keeping in mind the climatic concerns of the cool and wet Kalimpong climate, all habitable rooms are exposed to the south, while the service areas are constrained in the north to maximize exposure to the winter sun and reduce the exposure to the cold north face.


Project Summary


Hilife Projects

Design Team

Sanjay Bhardwaj, Srutee Bhut


145000 sqft.


In Progress